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Amp Up Action Park
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Brand-New Go Karts in St. Louis

Experience European go-kart racing like never before at Amp Up Action Park. With our newest high-speed karts, we're redefining indoor karting in the St. Louis area. Challenge friends, family, or colleagues on our track, featuring the push to pass “boost” and F1-style steering. From novice to pro, everyone will love this upgraded thrill on four wheels.

Our new high-speed karts are taking indoor karting to the next level:

  • The newest fleet in the St. Louis area
  • Improved racing experience
  • New push to pass “boost” feature
  • F1 style steering wheel
  • Same zero-emissions electric power
  • Same price, $19.99 per race, since 2017
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Go Kart Restrictions

Pro Kart:
Minimum age 10, Minimum Height 54″ and Maximum Weight 300 lbs.
Junior Kart:
Ages 7-10 only, multi-packs not available.
Double Kart:
Driver minimum 18 years with valid driver’s license and at least 58 inches (5 feet) tall; Passenger must be at least 40 inches (3’3”) to ride along on double kart. Maximum combined weight of 375 lbs. Visit the Double Kart FAQ for other details.

Go Kart Pricing

Single Pro Kart Race
Ages 10+ (54" and Taller)
Junior Kart Race
Ages 7-11
Pro Kart Races
Three Races (Per Person)
Double Kart Race
One Race (1-2 People)
Helmet Rental & Head Sock

Go Kart FAQ

Know the Rules. Before stepping onto the track, all drivers must read and agree to our facility’s rules and guidelines. Next all drivers must participate in a safety briefing before climbing into a kart to race.

Be Respectful. No aggressive or abusive behavior or profane language will be tolerated in the Amp Up action park.

Confirm Your Size Fits. Our high performance pro race kart seats are semi-adjustable for drivers between 54 inches and almost 7 feet tall. The kart is designed for individuals weighing less than 300 pounds. Our Junior Karts are suitable for ages 7 to 11 years old and a maximum height of 56 inches.

Helmets Are Required. All pro racers must wear full racing helmets that meet ASTM standards. We rent approved helmets to pro racers. Junior Racers also require safety gear, which Amp Up provides.

Wear Closed-Toe Shoes. For safety reasons, closed-toe shoes are required for racing as well as on our ropes course and axe throwing. We offer approved shoes inside the park to help guests meet this requirement.

Sober Driving Only. We have a zero-tolerance policy toward alcohol and drug abuse. Any driver who is suspected to be under the influence will be prohibited from driving.

No Bumping. Our karts are expensive, highly sophisticated vehicles that go very fast. Indoor karting is not a contact sport. These are not bumper cars. While incidental contact between karts can happen, our track marshal is trained to identify racers who intentionally bump and address the conduct accordingly.

Don’t Get Out. The safest place during the race is inside the kart. Do not exit your kart unless a pit crew member tells you to do so. In the event of a spin out or other accident, the track operator has the ability to slow down and even stop karts and you can also hit the reverse.

When in Doubt, Ask a Doctor. If you have any medical concerns about your ability to participate, please consult with a doctor in advance to ensure you can race safely. Best rule of thumb: If in doubt, sit out.

Return Head Sock and Helmet. After your race or races conclude, return the rental helmet to the rack inside the pit area. If you don’t wish to keep your head sock, please drop it in the trash receptacle.

Electric Karts Are Faster
Our high performance European racing karts are the most advanced in the industry. Each adult kart has a 20 horsepower (hp) electric motor that has been calibrated to reach speeds up to 45 miles per hour (mph).

Emits Zero Fumes
Our electric karts do not release any unpleasant exhaust fumes.

High Performance Vehicles
The EcoVolt NG kart is high performance with a permanent magnet axial flux brushless motor that allows for linear ramp-ups and stunning bursts of speed. Electric karts also have even weight distribution making them well balanced for easy and precise driving, which is especially helpful on high speed turns.

No Flammable Gasoline
Because our karts are powered by electricity, they do not have any flammable gasoline on board. That’s why you won’t need a flame-retardant suit to drive our high-speed karts.

Lightweight Battery
The EcoVolt NG kart features a lithium-Ion (LFP) battery, which is the most advanced technology available on the market. It’s also lightweight so the kart’s maximum speed can be achieved on the straightaway.

Reduce Jar of Impact
Drivers never should intentionally crash or bump into another kart or a rail. However, in the event of an unplanned impact, our karts offer comfortable driving designed for high-energy absorption of accidental contact with another kart.

Reverse Gear
There is no reason for the driver to exit the kart on the race track because our electric karts have a reverse gear that can be used in a pinch.

Better Motor Brake
In addition to two posterior disk brakes, the motor brake facilitates braking and begins functioning the moment the throttle is released. It also recoups energy by acting as a dynamo.

Better for the Environment
Electric karts are cleaner than gasoline and do not require on-site hazardous fuel storage.

Introducing our new, 100% electric Amp Up Junior Speedster for racers between 7-11 years old. Built for our smallest guests, our “Mini Mario” experience offers all the fun of karting with easy steering and optimal speed for our indoor pro track.

  • Suitable for ages 7 to 11 years old
  • Ideal height between 42-56” tall
  • Speeds under 20 miles per hour

Not tall or old enough to drive your own kart? Hop into one of our two-seater karts and ride along with an adult to experience the speed.

Ride Requirements: Driver minimum 18 years with valid driver’s license and at least 58 inches (5 feet) tall; Passenger must be at least 40 inches (3’3”) to ride along on double kart. Maximum combined weight of 375 lbs.

Our double karts aren’t slow karts, they run at the same speed as the 13 and under single karts.

Yes. If you’re age 18 or older and at least 5 foot tall with a valid driver’s license you may choose to drive the double kart by yourself. However, there may be a longer wait time for the double kart than the single pro karts. If you are willing to wait, we can schedule you for a double kart. If not, let’s get you in a pro kart.

The spirit of the double kart is to give our youngest guests a chance to feel the speed. The double kart is meant for two, it is your choice if you are 18+ and wish to drive the double kart by yourself but there is no price difference.

No. There are weight and size restrictions. A “tight squeeze” is putting it mildly. It is uncomfortable or impossible depending on the size of the adults.

If your child is 3 foot 3 inches or taller, they’re eligible to ride the double kart. Most kids will be over 3 years old.

Double karts race with the 12  and under “intermediate kids speed” between 10-15 miles slower than the adult race.

No. Helmets may be worn at no extra charge. Your choice.

1. Lean back in your seat for the entire race. This will help you accelerate.

2. Hold the wheel at 10 and 2. A symmetrical, sturdy grip provides stability.

3. Drive straight as long as you can. Turning or swerving reduces kart speed.

4. Avoid breaking while turning. Your tires could lose traction, causing you to spin out.

5. Don’t apply the brake and gas at the same time. Doing so will cause the engine to stop.

6. Follow the leader. For novice drivers, follow the path of the faster drivers while still keeping a safe distance. You may pick up good driving habits for future races.

7. The driver with the fastest race time wins. First across the finish line doesn’t automatically guarantee first place. We judge the winner based on the fastest overall time.

Shameless Plug: Register for our Racing School, and you’ll get 1.5 hours of instruction and personal coaching on how to be a better kart driver.

  • Green Flag: Go
  • Yellow Flag: Caution
  • Red Flag: Stop
  • Blue Flag: Passing
  • Black Flag: Safty Infraction
  • White Flag: Last Lap
  • Checkered Flag: Finish Line


If you’re 18 or older, read and sign the waiver. For those under 18, you can start your waiver as long as a parent or legal guardian signs your form.
Sign Waiver
*Guests cannot reserve race or play time until the liability waiver is on file. Shorten your potential wait and fill out the online waiver at home in advance.
sign the waiver

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