Racetrack Rules

Know the Rules. Before stepping onto the track, all drivers must read and agree to our facility’s rules and guidelines. Next all drivers must participate in a safety briefing before climbing into a kart to race.

Be Respectful. No aggressive or abusive behavior or profane language will be tolerated in the Amp Up action park.

Confirm Your Size Fits. Our high performance race kart seats are semi-adjustable for drivers between 52-54 inches and 7 feet tall. The kart is designed for individuals weighing less than 300 pounds.

Full Helmets Are Required. All racers must wear full racing helmets that meet ASTM standards. We loan approved helmets to all racers.

Wear Closed-Toe Shoes. For safety reasons, closed-toe shoes are required for racing as well as on our ropes course. We offer approved shoes inside the park to help guests meet this requirement.

Sober Driving Only. We have a zero-tolerance policy toward alcohol and drug abuse. Any driver who is suspected to be under the influence will be prohibited from driving.

No Bumping. Our karts are expensive, highly sophisticated vehicles that go very fast. Indoor karting is not a contact sport. These are not bumper cars. While incidental contact between karts can happen, our track marshal is trained to identify racers who intentionally bump and address the conduct accordingly.

Don’t Get Out. The safest place during the race is inside the kart. Do not exit your kart unless a pit crew member tells you to do so. In the event of a spin out or other accident, the track operator has the ability to slow down and even stop karts and you can also hit the reverse.

When in Doubt, Ask a Doctor. If you have any medical concerns about your ability to participate, please consult with a doctor in advance to ensure you can race safely. Best rule of thumb: If in doubt, sit out.

Return Head Sock and Helmet. After your race or races conclude, return the rental helmet to the rack inside the pit area. If you don’t wish to keep your head sock, please drop it in the marked laundry receptacle.


13901 Manchester Rd. Town & Country, MO 63011

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