About Our Double Karts


Not tall enough to drive your own kart? Hop into one of our two-seater karts and ride along with an adult to experience the speed.

Ride Requirements: Driver minimum 18 years with valid driver’s license and at least 58 inches (5 feet) tall; Passenger must be at least 40 inches (3’3”) to ride along on double kart. Maximum combined weight of 375 lbs.

Our double karts aren’t slow karts, they run at the same speed as the 13 and under single karts.

Amp Up is the place to race for all ages, so speed on over. 


Double Kart: $19.99 driver and passenger


All races are 6 minutes in length
Signed waivers and closed-toe shoes are required for all racers and passengers
Drivers under 18 years not permitted on double kart
Helmets are optional for the double kart and included at no extra charge for driver and/or passenger


Can I drive the double kart by myself? Yes. If you’re age 18 or older and at least 5 foot tall with a valid driver’s license you may choose to drive the double kart by yourself. However, there may be a longer wait time for the double kart than the single pro karts. If you are willing to wait, we can schedule you for a double kart. If not, let’s get you in a pro kart.

What’s the price for a single driver on the double kart? It’s the same price for one or two people on the double kart, $19.99 plus tax.

Why can’t I get a discount for a single driver on a double kart? The spirit of the double kart is to give our youngest guests a chance to feel the speed. The double kart is meant for two, it is your choice if you are 18+ and wish to drive the double kart by yourself but there is no price difference.

Can two adults ride in the double karts? No. There are weight and size restrictions. A “tight squeeze” is putting it mildly. It is uncomfortable or impossible depending on the size of the adults. 

Can my two year old ride in the double kart? If your child is 3 foot 3 inches or taller they’re eligible to ride the double kart. Most kids will be over 3 years old.

What is the speed of the double karts? Double karts race with the 12  and under “kids speed.”

Is a helmet required for double karts? No. Helmets may be worn at no extra charge. Your choice.


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